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The Most Watched Television Shows in Australia

Today, we have a huge selection of television channels to suit our entertainment needs, but every so often a television show or televised event occurs that captures everyone’s attention. Some of these shows may be classic moments in drama, great sporting events or one-off specials.

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It is estimated that Australians watch roughly 92 hours of television per month according to the final quarter of 2013, which shows a marked increase in the viewing times across all ages. Since the advent of smartphones and the internet, many broadcasters feared that they would move away from traditional television viewing, but in fact, these extra screens around the home have been used to complement their viewing pleasure.

Increase in Digital TV Antenna Services

The uptake of digital television has played a big role in allowing more people to watch traditional terrestrial television, with all of the added benefits that digital television brings. More people are employing digital TV antenna installations to upgrade their old analogue systems, and with a range of satellite and cable television solutions to choose from, viewership has also improved.

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This huge boost in viewers has seen a boost in ratings for some of the most popular television shows currently broadcast. The most popular of which tend to be big sporting events that pop up once or twice per calendar year, and allow all people of all ages to enjoy the celebration of these national and sometimes international sporting events.

Big Sporting Events and Season Finales

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Some of the biggest sporting events throughout the calendar are the F1 Australian Grand Prix which brings in huge numbers due to its locality, The Australian Open which draws huge ratings figures – the 2005 Open Men’s Singles Finals inspired over 4 million viewers to tune in, as well as traditional season finale shows such as Masterchef and The Voice.

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These special one-off or season finales have always drawn large rating figures over the years, but when you consider the increase of viewership due to the increase in the numbers of people having televisions and multiple television homes, these figures really increase.

The Big-Hitters

AFL and Rugby play a big role in garnering the interest of a large quantity of viewers, with the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final drawing in just over 4 million viewers. State of Origin games are high up the list of some of the most watched televised sporting events, with Game 1 of 2014 already bringing in well over 4 million viewers who enjoyed this engrossing game.

australian football league
The 2005 AFL Grand Final managed to draw in a large number of viewers, thanks to the increasing audience of AFL games to a major-league figure of 13 million viewers. This is by far the largest audience figure, and one to look out for this year. Could the 2014 AFL Grand Final garner more interest this year? We will have to wait and see.

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