Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Top 5 TV Brands to Boost Your Entertainment Experience

curved 4k TV
When it comes to television technology, the past ten years has seen a massive increase in innovative features and new technologies to give us some of the best entertainment possibilities available. From High definition television to UHD and 4K, 3D glasses and even curved screens, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to choice To help you narrow the choices down a bit we’ve rounded up the 5 TV brands that offer the very best in image quality and overall performance.

1) The Samsung TV Range

Samsung has come a long way in recent years to give consumers some of the most innovative technology the television world has seen. Growing on their immense research and development unit in South Korea, Samsung has become known as the go-to company for the latest technology included in tablets, smartphones and televisions.

samsung TV
One of the most innovative designs has come from the Samsung plasma TV screens, bringing full HD to the masses and building on this technology to give us UHD (also known as ultra HD). This 4K screen is capable of immense detail, giving viewers a new entertainment experience.

Pair this technology with the latest curved screens provided by a few Samsung television models and you will have the ultimate home cinema at a great price.

2) The Sony TV Experience

Sony is a world renowned technology company that produces some of the very best screen image quality, as well as bringing a world of connected technology that allows different devices to talk to each other and provide advanced features to consumers.

Sony TV

The latest Sony televisions to hit the streets include their Smart TV models that allow consumers to browse the internet, order movies and even do a little shopping from the comfort of their sofa. These smart TVs are connected to the internet via WIFI and allow a whole host of innovative functions to improve the viewing experience.

The latest Sony Bravia models include stunning 4K panels, and pay special attention to detail when it comes to sound, packing full range speakers into a flat panel is Sony’s innovation at its very best.

3) The LG TV Range

LG has come to be known as one of the best manufacturers of television technology in recent years, creating a series of stunning LG televisions that feature the latest 3D imaging processors that carry with them a reasonable price tag.

Sony TV
LG has a range of 3DTVs that offer enhanced pictures with an immersive experience. Using a few different technologies, you can find some of the best active 3D glasses included with the television as well as being able to purchase additional sets for your specific LG television. The latest LG plasma TV models incorporate sleek panels that are designed to minimize the bezel and create a window into the movie you are watching, offering a truly immersive experience, no matter which LG TV model you choose.

4) The Latest Panasonic TV Models

The rise in popularity of Panasonic plasma TV screens is based on the history of the company as a technology firm dating way back into the dark ages of television. Creating a world of innovations based on its technology is where Panasonic stands out as one of the best TV brands in the business.

Panasonic TV
The Panasonic TV experience is available in a range of television sets that will look and feel at home anywhere in your house. With a range of LED televisions taking precedent in the quality of the images, Panasonic has led the way in offering power-saving televisions that are designed to give crystal clear images, high quality audio and innovative smart TV features that offer a range of internet services at your fingertips.

5) The Latest Sharp TV Models

Not many people might know this, but Sharp is one of the leading producers of flat panel LCD and Plasma screens in the world. Manufacturing flat panels for other companies is where Sharp made its name. No Sharp offers consumers their own fine-tuned screens that display images as perfectly as the manufacturer intended.

Sharp TV
Sharp has a range of UHD and 3D TV sets that are on par with some of the best models from other manufacturers around the world. Creating the best possible images on the screen is where Sharp succeeds, such as with the immense presence of the THX certified models that aim to reproduce a true cinema experience in your living room.

With the latest and greatest names in the industry making ever larger screens, you cannot go wrong with a decent 1080P HD Television made by any of these manufacturers. If you are opting for a 3D television, ensure that you pick from one of the top TV brands to get the best quality image and support. The most reliable TV brands have a huge user base for a reason, and with the latest innovations in power saving and image quality, you are sure to experience stunning images and cutting edge immersive features.

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