Friday, 31 January 2014

Choosing The Right TV and Satellite Services in Ipswich

With digital switchover behind us, free-to-air television provided by TV antenna installation in Ipswich has proven to be one of the most popular ways in which we watch our favourite programmes. With many new services cropping up on both digital terrestrial and satellite television, let us take a quick look at some of the newer options available to you, the services you can likely connect to as well as tips on helping improve your television reception and picture.

There are a few different methods of receiving your digital television in Ipswich including digital terrestrial television with the use of an existing roof top antenna, a set top box or an integrated digital television, digital satellite television with the installation of a satellite dish and set top box. The two systems each have their own merits, so choosing a system based on what type of television you wish to watch is essential.
For the majority of homes who which to benefit from a whole host of extra channels, great quality picture and sound and added interactivity, then choosing a free-to-view digital terrestrial television set up may be perfect for you. Freeview offers you a change to enjoy all of the regular channels you know and love and a few more in clear and crisp quality.

Not only can you choose from a simple set top box to receive the extra channels and enjoy a full EPG (electronic programming guide) to help plan your viewing, but with many different PVR (personal video recorders) available to record, pause and rewind live tv, your viewing experience will be boosted further.

Hiring a professional engineer who specialises in TV antenna services in Ipswich will be able to assess your existing antenna and caballing system’s suitability to receive digital services. If needed, an upgrade to a high-gain or wide-band antenna may be required in order to receive a perfect, stable signal.
Not only will your Ipswich antenna services engineer be able to locate, direct and tune in your Freeview system for you, but also guide you as to how the system works and can recommend a suitable set top box ideally matched for your needs.
Aside from Freeview, there are also premium additions you can purchase to further enhance your viewing experience. Whether it is extra premium channels or sports packages that you can add to your existing Freeview package or a series recording system such as Tivo, simple setup can give you added benefits on top of the standard Freeview service.

With satellite television, you will be required to install a satellite dish to your home to receive your digital channels. Satellite television differs slightly in that there is a wider choice of programming and channels to choose from, as well as many suppliers offering more interactive services as well as bundles when combined with a telephone or internet package.

An Ipswich antenna services professional will be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right satellite antenna you require, and how you intend to use it. For most people, a single dish and receiver will suffice, with simple additional LNBs attached to your existing satellite and additional set top boxes required if you choose a multi-room package.

The large satellite television suppliers such as FoxTel and Optus offer premium channels such as movies and sports that can be purchased as packages. This allows you to only pay for what you like, as well as being able to watch the many hundreds of additional free-to-view channels that exist on satellite systems. Combined with the extra choice of channels, the two big suppliers also offer advanced recording and live pause set top boxes as well as additional access from computers and mobile phones for added value.

Whether you choose to go for digital terrestrial television or satellite television, enlisting the professional services of an antenna installation engineer will allow you to benefit from expert advice and initial inspection to point you in the right direction. With many government approved antenna installation services in Ipswich, you can further benefit from guarantees on installs and upgrades giving priceless peace of mind.