Thursday, 10 September 2015

How to Find the Best Home Theatre Speakers for Your Money

When creating a home theatre system, there are a number of basic requirements that you will need to achieve the authentic sights and sounds of a true cinema system. From the television screen or projector, to the playback system and even the seats, the one thing that will bring all of your work to fruition will be with the speaker system.

From a simple 2.1 Dolby Digital speaker systems all the way up to a 10.1 or enthusiast custom made system, the audio of your home theatre system plays a huge role in adding to the immersive nature of the entertainment you know and love.

The thing to note about home theatre speakers is that creating speaker cabinets, matching drivers and pairing up speaker cones to get the perfect resonance for the cabinet they are intended for is a very precise science. This means that many of the budget systems may very well have a nice range of speaker sounds, but may focus on the looks and aesthetics of the system, rather than the impeccable fidelity of some of the high end enthusiast speaker systems.

Pioneer Home Theatre Speakers


Pioneer have been in the speaker industry for many, many years and have produced home audio and professional audio equipment that would be considered industry standard. These days they continue to produce an amazing range of modern home audio systems and speakers that include innovative designs with years of research behind them.

One of the best of the bunch when it comes to Pioneer home speakers is the Pioneer SP-PK52FS system. Considered a budget to mid-priced home theatre system, the sound quality for your money is simply incredible. This full size 5.1 surround sound system incorporates two front tower speakers; a 100 watt powered subwoofer, a large front centre speaker for added impact, as well as the obligatory satellite speakers for the rear channels.
Pioneer Home Theatre Speakers
The speaker set is designed with curved wood to give it a much more modern effect, and to move away from the overly boxy shapes of the majority of home theatre systems. The sound quality from this system is probably the best for the money you are spending in this price range and offers better than average fidelity and build quality compared to most home theatre speaker system in most shops.

Bose Home Theatre Speakers


Bose are well known in the speaker industry for being the innovation and technology specialists in creating acoustically sound speakers that carry speech almost perfectly with some of their higher end systems. Bose has introduced a number of home speaker sets recently, and some of their home theatre surround sound systems have been gaining praise for not only their sound quality, but also for their price range.

The Bose Acoustimass 6 Series III is one example where your budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be skimping on sound quality. This 5.1 surround sound system incorporates tiny satellite speakers that pack more than expected due to their size, as well as a meaty subwoofer with ported air technology to give deep, driving bass response for your music and movies.
Bose Home Theatre Speakers

This system is a stylish interpretation of the home theatre setup that would look perfect in a minimal home theatre where the emphasis is on the entertainment and not the accumulation of various electronic boxes performing all of the tasks.

Overall, the system creates highly dynamic sound that packs a punch considering the size of the satellite speakers. The subwoofer offers a deep, rolling bass that will have any small studio rocking, but maybe not a larger home theatre setup. For the price you are getting a stylish look, great sound and a good price.

Klipsch Home Theatre Speaker System

Klipsch are a well-known brand that has made a business of creating a masterful design in electronics and acoustics to create some of the very best individual speakers and speaker systems in the world. Their foray into the home theatre market has been successful in turning movie fans into hobbyists and enthusiasts the world over through their affordable yet accurate speaker units.

The Klipsch RC-62 II 5.1 surround sound system is no different in trying to put the emphasis on sound quality, whilst also bringing a little modern style to the table. This system consists of the reference series of speakers, and includes a mighty centre unit, to large satellite speakers that pack a punch, two full-size tower speakers as well as an intelligent subwoofer.
Klipsch Home Theatre Speaker System
The SW-112 subwoofer contains a 12 inch speaker with a woven fibreglass driver which is available in both 10 and 15 inches if you are looking to upgrade and is powered by a continuous 300 watt or continuous 600 watt peak amplifier. With a frequency response of 26Hz to 120Hz it will shake the floor, or maybe not thanks to the hefty screw on legs and spikes necessary to help the acoustics.

At an average price of just over $4,000, the Klipsch reference series home theatre system is on the higher end of the scale for most people, but the audio quality is second to none for anything near it. If you really want the best home theatre speakers, the Klipsch reference series won’t do you wrong.

The build quality similar to the most expensive units and the design and engineering that went into the electronics, the acoustics and the overall sound quality is what you are paying for here. If you love audio and movies and are prepared to invest in a quality home theatre system, you’d be blown away by this unit.

Build Your Own System On A Budget!


When choosing a home theatre system you will need to source a wide range of equipment and devices to finish your project. Keeping to your budget is the best way to finish your project in time, and not have to delay purchasing necessary equipment because you went overboard on a particular product.

It is always best to buy equipment that is stand alone, so that you may upgrade each component at a later date. This means staying away from proprietary technologies, such as cable systems and plugs, and buying single units that can work together in a finished system to give you the best home theatre speakers, screen and games system for all of your entertainment needs in the long run.