Thursday, 20 November 2014

Why You Choose an Endorsed Antenna Installer ?

When it comes to reaping the rewards of the digital age, nothing is quite more satisfying than upgrading to digital high definition television with hundreds of channels to choose from, am I right?

Some people have the tendency to fix their own problems even if they are not expert at it. You might be thinking that why should one spend money for something which they can do themselves at home? Well, today I am going to discuss some facts about choosing an endorsed antenna installer. After reading this article I bet that you will change your mind about antenna installation. So keep reading...

Ready for digital TV

To ensure that all customers across the country can make the switchover the digital television, the government have set up an accreditation scheme that has special guidelines for professional antenna installers to follow. This covers customers who wish to upgrade their existing equipment to fully digital sets, or have a replacement digital antenna fitted to their home.

governemnet Guidelines for antenna installation

These guidelines and rules are set out to ensure that antenna installations are done safely, professionally and use quality equipment and tools to perform the job adequately.

Trouble-Free, Cost-Effective Service

The scheme also allows customers to enjoy a hassle-free installation or upgrade service that isn’t overpriced for what it is, as well as give the general public peace of mind when it comes to the quality of work and high standards that the endorsed antenna installers must all conform to.

Cost Effecetive antenna installation
Fully endorsed antenna installers have to complete three different levels of assessment in order to qualify for the accreditation. These include assessments in domestic installations, commercial installations, as well as satellite installation routines. Within these three assessment zones there are multiple areas of further assessment that bridge the complete process of inspection, assessment, installation and fault-checking processes.

Unparalleled Professional Advice

A fully endorsed antenna installer will be able to offer you advice onthe type of system you have in place, and offer a range of upgrades, servicing and additional extras to your system which allows you to get final costs of the installation or upgrade you want. An endorsed professional can offer unparalleled expertise when it comes to the choice of cables, antennas specific to your region as well as distribution points and socket positioning to get the most from your system.

antenna installation Advice
In addition to the professional advice on offer from an endorsed antenna installation service, an accredited professional works to a higher standard than most ‘phonebook professionals’ that you may have used in the past. This includes the expertise in fault-finding in the system, signal finding, cable running, distribution planning and workmanship that go into physical installation.

Don’t Run The Risk Of Hiring A Cowboy Installer!

Many ‘phonebook professionals’ that do not have the official accreditation may not be able to offer the high quality of installation that an endorsed installer will provide. Mismanaged planning of cable runs, antenna position and the use of inferior quality cables and signal boosters may end up costing you a small fortune if it breaks down after a short period of time.

Cowboy antenna installer
With an accredited professional, you can be assured that the high standard of workmanship that is assessed when applying for endorsement is seen in the finished work. You will be up and running in no time at all, with a professional on call to help when you need it most. From planning, to installation to set-up and servicing – an endorsed antenna installer can make your digital switchover a hassle-free process that is built to last for your viewing pleasure.

If you are still reading my blog then I am sure that now you will give a second thought about hiring a professional antenna installer rather than doing it yourself. Thanks for your time. To know more about professional antenna installation service visit our digital antenna installation website.

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