Monday, 30 March 2015

The Battle of the Screens: TV vs Internet

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In its early form, the internet was a great tool for searching news and information and sharing things with friends, family and people across the globe. It opened up many different possibilities and endured through the internet bubble that took down a few large players.

Since the dawn of broadband internet and super-fast fibre optic connections that companies started to appear to offer television type services to its customers.

The Advance of Broadband into the Home

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Now that we are well into the age of the internet, and many millions of people are using their super-fast internet connection to watch YouTube and family videos online, more and more services have started to appear that offer television-like services for a flat rate.

Has the time come when there are more people viewing television programs on the internet than they are watching the humble television itself?

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Services like Netflix and Apple TV have shown that there certainly is an audience for the content, with more and more people searching for the info and gossip on their favourite tv shows and actors online, why not order a season of the latest blockbuster telenovela while you are there?

Year on Year Rise of Online Viewing

It is estimated that more people than ever are using the internet to watch television programs and to check out trailers for new series, but the figures show that the humble television is still the go-to screen when it comes to real family entertainment.

Rise of Online Viewing

Many people choose to watch entertainment together, as a family or with friends and sitting around a laptop or tablet screen can be uncomfortable for many people.

The television is still hitting the heights thanks to the different ways in which we watch it. With multiple channels now available in high definition and even 3D, as well as surround sound, why would anyone NOT choose to watch their favourite shows on the big screen?

The Personal Viewing Experience

With the advent of personal video recorders and time-meddling hard drive recorders, it is now possible to pause and rewind live TV, schedule a series of recordings that can safely store all of your favourite shows in one single place, accessible at the touch of a button.

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The television companies have made it easier for us to consume what we love, as well as create a whole lot more of content to consume.

It is this aspect in which the TV verses the internet phenomenon parts ways. Whilst most people go online to watch trailers of films, short clips of television programs or catch-up programs to continue their entertainment experience, the real consumables are watched on the television, with friends and family.

The Death of Television As We Know It?

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The television VS internet statistics show that more people are watching more hours of television than they did in the previous year, leading many people to believe that the day has not yet come, when the internet will take over television ratings for good.

Some of the content produced specifically for the internet for sites such as Netflix has had rave reviews for the sort of programming that was never available in the past.

television over internet
Full time television style programming is now available online, and many experts believe that it is only a matter of time before the television versus the internet debate will come to its final conclusion and give the victory to the internet, but the battle isn’t over yet.

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