Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Top 5 Evolution of Technology That Have Dominated the Digital Switch

Over the past decade or so there have been many technologies that have been drastically improved due to their switch over to digital. All over the world, many more people are enjoying the benefits of digital technology, with improvements in cell phone reception, digital antenna installation and the internet making the world a smaller place. Let’s look at the top 5 technologies that have benefited most from the digital switch.

Evolution of Technology


5. The Telephone

The telephone was a great invention that took the world by storm, connecting businesses and bringing families together. Gone are the old days of manned telephone exchanges, dial telephones and hissing and popping audio quality, today we have modern digital phones capable of high definition audio and much, much more.

Evolution of telephone

Cordless phones were a big hit with their ability to be able to walk around the house or office unrestricted. Soon after their implementation, mobile phones became available that connected to cellular networks that carried a digital signal - a signal that could also include GPRS internet and SMS functionality. Smartphones are now becoming smarter thanks to their ability to display video, access the internet as well as take photos and videos in high definition.

4. The Audio Cd

The music industry took to digital audio in a big way back in the early 80s with the introduction of the compact disc. Before then, only poor quality rendering of audio was possible with large record players that required a dedicated system that was prone to damage and playback quality.

Evolution of audio technology

The compact disc took analogue audio and digitised it, resulting in no loss of quality, no matter how many times you played the disc - something that cassettes or records couldn’t provide. Digital audio was improved further with different recording formats such as lossless audio and flac. These codecs are employed in some of the newer fully digital playback devices such as iPods, MP3 players and smartphones.

3. Computers and the Internet

Back in the old day, computers were some of the bulkiest machines of the modern world. Taking up entire rooms for their computing power, many of these machines may have paved the way for the modern world, their computing power, by today’s standards, left a lot to be desired.

Evolution of Computer

The move from mechanical computers such as those created by Charles Babbage, to tape-fed calculation machines used to help put a man on the moon to the modern age of laptops and tablet computers has moved rapidly. Today we enjoy the computing delights that the digital world has to offer, including the internet which couldn’t have been possible without the digital revolution in consumer electronics.

2. Digital Radio Transmissions

One of the most recent additions to this list of technologies that has enjoyed great success after making the digital switchover has to be radio. Radio was one of the very first international forms of communication enjoyed by the masses when it first made its debut on the world stage. Whilst it had its heyday back in the past, the resurgence in listeners may pay thanks to the new digital stations cropping up.

Evolution of Radio

The move to digital radio has its clear benefits: superior sound quality with true stereo, Dolby Digital and in some cases surround sound options. One of the most annoying things about radio is the difficulty to pick up and keep a good signal. With digital radio, once you have a good signal, you can enjoy a solid listening experience, at home, in the car or on the go with portable devices.

1. Digital Television

The revolution in digital television has been a recent inclusion into the realm of the digital world. With more people signing up for digital TV antenna installation every day, the take-up of digital set top boxes is at an all-time high. With crisp clear images and digital audio to look forward to, the revolution in the way we watch television is also changing.

Evolution of digital TV

With the new HD television channels and 4K television sets that digital antenna installation brings to our television sets, you can now expect to enjoy catch-up shows, television on-demand as well as a whole host of interactive services that allow you to feel more immersed in your favourite TV shows, movies and even sports extravaganzas.

The digital revolution has not only changed entertainment for good, it has changed how we connect with each other on a daily basis. With digital television, digital smartphones, digital radio as well as the internet, the world has become a smaller place to explore, but given us an almost endless list of things to enjoy.

Image Source: wired, evolutionofradio, googleusercontent, jroo, deviantart, shuttersstock